Hunt Ready Farms Midwest Whitetail Clover Mix

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Hunt Ready Farms Midwest Whitetail Clover Mix

Our Midwest Whitetail Clover Mix consists of 3 White Clovers that we chose for their high yielding, fast-growing, winter hardiness and high protein levels. We also add the best red clover on the market Gallant Red Clover. Gallant Red is a Midwest-bred red clover that produce for 4 + years. Lastly we blend in 2 annual clovers that are very fast growing, reducing grazing pressure on newly established plots.  Sold in 12 lb bags which will plant 1 acre and 50 lb bags for 4 + acres. All clovers are pre-coated and ready to plant.

20% Advantage

20% Jumbo II

20% Legacy

20% Gallant Red

10% Fixation Balansa

10% Frosty Berseem